2.1.3 December 09, 2020

CoPilot 2.1.3 updates the look-and-feel of the application. Welcome to Synopsys CoPilot!

2.1.2 January 31, 2020

Copilot 2.1.2 includes minor stability improvements

2.1.1 December 19, 2019

Fixed an issue where the "Nearby Versions" chart in a component's detail view was mistakenly showing all nearby versions as "Clean".

2.1.0 October 10, 2019

CoPilot 2.1.0 adds support for GitHub CI/CD (beta). It also includes improvements to the onboarding and setup processes, and fixes some minor bugs.

2.0.1 August 01, 2019

CoPilot 2.0.1 fixes an issue with viewing public analysis results

2.0.0 July 29, 2019

As of this release, CoPilot is now a GitHub App! To keep using CoPilot you'll need to migrate your existing organizations, visit the GitHub Projects page for instructions.

1.0.10 July 12, 2019

CoPilot 1.0.10 corrects an analysis error reading version meta-data.

1.0.9 June 25, 2019

CoPilot 1.0.9 makes improvements to analysis stability.

1.0.8 November 06, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.8 improves the reliability of analysis operations, and fixes issues in project management

1.0.7 October 08, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.7 adds support for the new Azure Pipelines CI system! GitHub projects with Azure Pipelines installed on them can now get results in CoPilot, check your project's page for setup instructions.

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