1.0.9 June 25, 2019

CoPilot 1.0.9 makes improvements to analysis stability.

1.0.8 November 06, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.8 improves the reliability of analysis operations, and fixes issues in project management

1.0.7 October 08, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.7 adds support for the new Azure Pipelines CI system! GitHub projects with Azure Pipelines installed on them can now get results in CoPilot, check your project's page for setup instructions.

1.0.6 July 05, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.6 adds support for Circle CI 2.0! It also fixes a number of bugs and has minor improvements to initial project setup instructions.

1.0.5 April 03, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.5 fixes an issue with GitHub pull request status updates

1.0.4 April 02, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.4 fixes some minor issues as well as the following bugs:

  • AppVeyor projects with special characters in the repository name will now build successfully
  • Frequent use of the application will no longer risk breaking pull request status checks.

Additionally, CoPilot 1.0.4 removes support for buddybuild CI, as they are discontinuing their free offering.

1.0.3 January 22, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.3 addresses an issue with commenting on and updating the status of pull requests

1.0.2 January 16, 2018

CoPilot 1.0.2 addresses several minor issues, in addition to the following changes:

  • Results pages now include a link to view the project on GitHub
  • Fixed issue with Appveyor builds configured under accounts other than the GitHub account that owned them
  • Improved component version recommendation algorithm
1.0.1 October 30, 2017

CoPilot will no longer comment multiple times on the same pull request on GitHub.

1.0.0 October 05, 2017

Official GA version of CoPilot! The following new features have been added:

  • Pull Request builds - See differences between the target and source branches of a pull request. CoPilot displays which components will be added and removed, and how that will change the score on the target branch.
  • New Scoring - Security results are now displayed with a score from 1 to 10, where 1 is the least secure and 10 is the most secure.
  • Result tracking - CoPilot will now delete results for branches and pull requests that have been deleted/closed on GitHub.

Additionally, CoPilot 1.0.0 includes user experience improvements and other minor fixes.

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