0.4.2 September 20, 2017

Corrects a URL issue with some setup instructions

0.4.1 September 18, 2017

CoPilot 0.4.1 corrects an issue with project analysis

0.4.0 September 12, 2017

CoPilot 0.4.0 includes improvements, bug-fixes, and the following new features. Added support for the following programming languages:

  • Javascript (Node.js)
  • Ruby
  • Swift/Objective-C
  • R

Added support for the following CI systems:

  • Codeship Basic
  • buddybuild

The helper for setting up a repository has been redesigned for additional clarity.

0.3.3 July 14, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.3 includes a number of minor bug fixes and improvements. It also includes the following new features

  • Created changelogs page
  • Fully redesigned GitHub projects page for enhanced setup experience
  • Retained previous analysis results while a new analysis is in progress
0.3.2 June 17, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.2 includes minor bug fixes and the following new features

  • Added site-wide announcement system
  • Added links to legal documents
0.3.1 June 08, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.1 fixes a bug where results for branches with a forward-slash character in their name were failing to load.

0.3.0 June 06, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.0 is an important release that adds component remediation information. It includes the following new features

  • Fully redesigned analysis results page
  • Added a Component Inspector to analysis results
  • Added ReStructuredText format for copying badges

The new Component Inspector will show the National Vulnerability Database vulnerabilities associated with the version of a component in your results. Additionally it will display other versions nearby the declared version, and show what their risk levels are. Finally it will show the next version with a lower risk than the current version, and the next version that has no reported vulnerabilities.

0.2.2 April 13, 2017

CoPilot 0.2.2 includes minor bug fixes, and the following improvements

  • Improve enabling projects
  • Allow better navigation from public areas to private areas when logged in

In addition, CoPilot 0.2.2 adds the following new platforms

  • Build Tool: pip
  • Build Tool: NuGet
  • Build Tool: Scala Build Tool
  • CI System: Circle CI
  • CI System: AppVeyor
0.2.1 March 17, 2017

CoPilot 0.2.1 includes minor bug fixes, and adds a list of supported platforms on the homepage. March 03, 2017

CoPilot fixes a bug where scans were failing.

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