0.3.2 June 17, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.2 includes minor bug fixes and the following new features

  • Added site-wide announcement system
  • Added links to legal documents
0.3.1 June 08, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.1 fixes a bug where results for branches with a forward-slash character in their name were failing to load.

0.3.0 June 06, 2017

CoPilot 0.3.0 is an important release that adds component remediation information. It includes the following new features

  • Fully redesigned analysis results page
  • Added a Component Inspector to analysis results
  • Added ReStructuredText format for copying badges

The new Component Inspector will show the National Vulnerability Database vulnerabilities associated with the version of a component in your results. Additionally it will display other versions nearby the declared version, and show what their risk levels are. Finally it will show the next version with a lower risk than the current version, and the next version that has no reported vulnerabilities.

0.2.2 April 13, 2017

CoPilot 0.2.2 includes minor bug fixes, and the following improvements

  • Improve enabling projects
  • Allow better navigation from public areas to private areas when logged in

In addition, CoPilot 0.2.2 adds the following new platforms

  • Build Tool: pip
  • Build Tool: NuGet
  • Build Tool: Scala Build Tool
  • CI System: Circle CI
  • CI System: AppVeyor
0.2.1 March 17, 2017

CoPilot 0.2.1 includes minor bug fixes, and adds a list of supported platforms on the homepage. March 03, 2017

CoPilot fixes a bug where scans were failing. March 02, 2017

CoPilot fixes a bug where users were not able to proceed after logging in for the first time.

0.2.0 February 28, 2017

CoPilot 0.2.0 is the first public beta. It includes minor bug fixes and the following new features

  • Added user email verification
  • Enable Open Graph protocol for sharing of "pretty" links to CoPilot on social networks
0.1.0 February 04, 2017

CoPilot 0.1.0 is the initial development release

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