CoPilot Help
Enabling a project

Before CoPilot can analyze your project you must enable it.

  1. Click here to open your GitHub Groups page.
    If you are a member of any organizations select the correct group for your repository, otherwise you will automatically be taken to step 2.
  2. Click the Enable button for the repository of your choice.
  3. The repository is now enabled. Click the Get Started button to proceed to the instructions for preparing the repository (also shown below).
Configuring builds to trigger analysis

To have your project analyzed and get results, you need to configure your Continuous Integration platform to send information to CoPilot when builds run.

Pick your Build Tool and CI Build System.
See an example repository using and
  1. Add the Black Duck plugin to your build.gradle file.
  2. Invoke the plugin and upload the output to CoPilot in your travis.yml file.
  3. Commit your changes and wait for your next build!